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Mindset for easy, life long health

Most people don’t even bother changing habits that they know are slowing killing them like food choices, smoking or moving their body as little as possible because they don’t know where to start. They have a mindset that it will be the most difficult thing ever to change. They think that people who have successfully [...]


Judge less, stress less

“Why is she wearing those shoes?” I heard a snotty voice say as I walked past a group of people tailgating in the parking lot before a recent Zac Brown Band show. “It’s raining, and…” I called out over my right shoulder making sure to use a friendly tone, before she could spew anymore of [...]


Learn how to buy, open and eat the glorious pomegranate!

Finally, I've graduated to video, YAY! Behold, my first video tutorial. Watch it now to learn how to buy, open and eat the glorious pomegranate! Leave a comment if there is a particular topic you would like me to cover. I specialize in food, sleep, exercise, stress management, personal hygiene products, household cleaning products, fermented foods [...]


Ditch that scale!

Like most American’s I too used to obsessively weigh myself. In high school, every morning I would hop on the scale and it usually read 130, 131 or 132 and every night I hopped back on that scale to find my weight at 135, 136 or 137. A five pound weight gain – oh no, [...]


Take the Stress Out of Food Part 3: How to Eat More Real Food

Ever since I earned a Master’s in Human Nutrition, the most common request I get is “Can you give me a list of foods to eat?” And my answer is always, “NO!” As we discussed last week, everybody is going to have a different nutritional type and so many people will not do well eating [...]


Why I love walking in a colder temperature

Ever since college when I discovered that I could shed a lot of excess weight, while continuing to drink pitchers of beer by myself, simply by walking to my off campus apartment every day rather than taking for the bus (I also arrived at my home before the bus would have even left campus…), I [...]


Take the Stress out of Food Part 1: Always Know What You are Eating

First I want to congratulate Shannon & Peter for winning the water kefir grain give-away. Their grains are happily acclimating to their new homes and are producing some really delicious water kefir (I tried some, it’s really great!). I learned from the contest that many of you struggle with changing your eating habits and that [...]


Love your Bacteria Buddies

I have been improving my health for the past eleven years and for the past year and a half I have been virtually free of any type of illness. The only exception is that I have had three sinus infections…and I will get back to that in a bit. During this same year and a [...]