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Hi, I’m Grace!

9 years ago I had a vision. I wanted to teach people to improve their health, vitality and longevity. A few years prior to that I had completely revamped what my young son and I ate and our health improved dramatically, and pretty quickly. Seasonal allergies and chronic infections disappeared and I went from a size 12 to a size 4 in about 8 months without trying to lose weight.

To say I became fanatical about real food is a bit of an understatement. I went back to school, earned a Master’s in Human Nutrition, bought farm land from my mother and then was stuck… I was helping a few people improve their health, mostly close friends and family, but I didn’t know how to effectively get my message across or via what platform.

I relocated back to rural upstate NY, started a blended family and added that girl to the mix (aren’t we cute?! —>)!

In need of an income, I went to work at a leading forklift manufacturer as the assistant to the EVP of HR. This EVP gave me an opportunity to write and teach health classes to my colleagues and when I needed a mentor, he gave me one too.

Optimal Health with Grace was born!

The classes were received better than I had imagined and the attendees asked for more information, and so I created the Optimal Health Warriors group!

A beautiful blended family of mom, dad, 16 year old boys and a 5 year old girl

For years I learned and planned and when I felt ready, I took a huge leap of faith and left the corporate cube farm.

Now I am, Grace Benkovitz, Wellness Educator & Local Food Advocate!

My vision is finally a reality. When I started working at The Raymond Corporation I would have never imagined that I needed to work at a forklift manufacturer in order to find my path and flesh out exactly how I could most effectively help the most amount of people improve their health. But that is exactly what happened.

So even when you’re not sure how to get there, follow your dreams, talents and desires, do what you need to do and just keep moving. Small steps add up to leap and bounds and the most unassuming situations can lead to your wildest dreams.

Stick with me by joining the Optimal Health Warriors group (below) and I’ll help you achieve your wildest dreams…but first let me tell you a secret, it all begins with your health.

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