Tis’ the season for sleep deprivation

Here we are, right in the throes of the American holiday season. The tame and restful (well for most, except those who did the cooking…) Thanksgiving Day feast is behind us and the frenzied, over indulgent Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza pre-season is here! For most of us that means overcommitting ourselves, consuming throngs of sugary treats [...]

Walking, the undervalued exercise

Many Optimal Health Warriors are in need of improving their exercise habit (myself included!). Forget the grandiose visions of a regimented daily exercise routine that begins in X amount of days and involves an amount of discipline and time that you have never given exercise before or at least not since you played organized sports [...]

Focus on self to decrease clutter and stress

One morning last week I found myself annoyed because of household items that family members had not put away. Like the empty beverage container that at least was not put back in the refrigerator (yay, tiny victory!) but was instead left out on the counter. I was annoyed because the offender seemingly could not be [...]