Optimal [op-tuh-muh l]: most favorable or desirable

Health [helth]: soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment: vigor; vitality


Through more than a decade of research, education and incorporating positive healthy changes that work for my body and fit into my life, I have achieved optimal health. Gone are the days of infections, colds, anxiety, viruses and fatigue for me. No longer do I need to drag myself to a doctor when I can barely get out of bed, wait for hours feeling like death only to then move as quick as a really ill person can move for another agonizing wait at the pharmacy. That was me at least once a year. And I had to tote my very young son with me and dole out co-pay after co-pay, meanwhile I was unable to earn any money because I was too sick to go to work. In addition to the yearly bouts of bronchitis, I also had chronic upper respiratory infections, bladder infections, yeast infections and a few kidney infections. Every year my eye sight grew worse and my teeth would yield new cavities. But that is all in my past. I have not fallen that ill in over eleven years! I literally feel like a teenager again, look the best of my life and my productivity is beyond what I had thought possible. Yet I am calm and happy and my quality of life is sky high.

I achieved this vigor by turning my illness promoting lifestyle into my own personal healthstyle. I focused on improving my health, not my appearance. Once I began providing my body with the nutrients and care it so desperately needed an enhanced appearance was a bonus side effect. I quickly slimmed down from a size 12 to a size 4 in less than eight months just by ditching processed foods and eating real unprocessed foods instead. My skin color turned from a reddish hue to a healthy peachy-brown glow. My hair and nails were no longer dry and brittle. My eye sight and oral health stopped deteriorating.

With these amazing results I became passionate, well okay…fanatical, about telling everyone I could how I improved my health, increased my energy, productivity and happiness and how I kicked those recurring infections goodbye and decreased excessive stress & anxiety. For credibility I earned a Master’s in Human Nutrition degree. I started my Master’s program believing that food was the most important aspect of health and I finished my Master’s program with the knowledge that food, stress management, exercise and sleep are all equally important components of health.

Optimal health is a basic human right.

But we are seemingly plagued by disease, illness and everyday feelings of blah. And we are constantly bombarded by the next hot trend promising to save everyone from this illness, disease and despair. Often the next hot trend is a little pill. We swallow it diligently without even questioning its contents or side effects. Or the next hot trend is expensive at home fitness equipment. We dutifully hurry and purchase this equipment and there it sits for weeks, months and years with little to no use. Sometimes the next hot trend requires depriving oneself of vital nutrients like fat. We try so hard to eat exactly what this other person eats and then feel like a failure when we cave in and eat that delicious piece of cheese. We turn to pills to help us sleep and to manage our stress, anxiety and depression. Health trends come and go and the one thing they all have in common is that they don’t work long term for most people because there are several important components to health, not just one. You will not reach optimal health by mega dosing on any one nutrient. You do not need to purchase expensive equipment to achieve optimal health. Insomnia and excessive stress go hand in hand and a pill is not going to fully correct either and will most always bring about undesirable side effects.

You too can achieve optimal health by simply changing the way you meet your daily habits of survival: food, stress management, sleep, exercise and personal hygiene. It is easy in theory but can be difficult to navigate without knowing the best resources, information and products. And this is where I can help you save lots of time and money. Let my eleven years of obsessive reading, writing, researching and trial & error be your guide to finding your own personal healthstyle and becoming the most fabulous version of you.

I already fell for many of the health industry tricks so you don’t have to. Along my way I sometimes fell into food industry marketing traps. For example, at first I quickly jumped on the organic bandwagon, until I learned to always read the list of ingredients and be aware of what is in my food. There I was in Whole Foods with a package of organic fig newton cookies manufactured by a very well respected brand in my hands reading “organic high fructose corn syrup” as one of the first few ingredients in the product. My stomach churned as I realized I had been blindly paying a lot of money for this package of fig newton cookies. And I was giving them to my child under the impression that I was providing him with healthy snack. I felt cheated and deceived. I leaped right off the organic bandwagon and found a better way to choose my foods. I wanted the highest quality, best tasting, most nutrient dense food at the lowest prices. I wanted to help bring about change to a convoluted food industry by using my spending dollars. And so I began to purchase my food at farmers markets and patronized local producers rather than corporations that were okay with selling me organic high fructose corn syrup at a premium price. I found buying produce at a farmers market is drastically more cost effective than purchasing produce from a grocery store. And I found my balance with local, fresh foods and pre-packaged foods.

I can show you how to select the best foods at the best prices while enjoying the benefits of global commerce that provides us with access to decadent, non-local foods. Optimal Health with Grace is not about depriving yourself of anything but rather leaning to make the most conscious choices that work for you in each unique situation. Optimal Health with Grace is about finding your personal balance in all areas of health. My personal food balance is eating about 95% real food / 5% processed foods.

Not only will you learn the how of optimal health, I will also teach you the WHY of optimal health. An important aspect for success with making life long changes that is often omitted in health advice. While earning my Master’s in Human Nutrition degree I gained a solid foundation of cellular processes as the study of nutrition is essentially the study of cellular metabolism. And I learned that many cellular and bodily processes can be understood by most people, not just medical professionals. Explaining the why of lifestyle choices and the negative/positive impacts on health is far more likely to prompt change than simply telling people what and what not to do. Optimal Health with Grace will empower you with the why of health.

A few years ago I was given the opportunity to use my experience and education and develop and teach the Optimal Health with Grace series as a corporate wellness training program. For the past year and a half I have been teaching my colleagues how to find their own personal healthstyle and achieve optimal health. The series has been so successful and now I am ready to reach outside the corporate market and help more people create, implement and develop their very own healthstyle. I have converted the Optimal Health with Grace corporate training series into online courses.

Here is what Optimal Health with Grace class participants have to say:

By applying the principles Grace taught us concerning nutrition, exercise, sleep and meditation, I’m a happier, healthier person.  In fact, my last checkup with my doctor was astonishing.  She actually said to me, “You have the bloodwork of a healthy 20 year old, I wish my blood looked this good!”  (I’m actually 50 and have never had results like this.)

So, what did Grace tell us that has helped me so tremendously? 

First of all, NUTRITION:  She taught me to be nutrition label savvy and stay away from things that were highly processed.  She warned us against food dyes and MSG.  She encouraged us to drink healthy teas and eat whole foods and taught a whole lesson on fermented foods.  If what you’re eating doesn’t spoil or get moldy…stop eating it!  I’m so much more educated about what I put into my body and my blood work, energy level and overall clear mindedness is the proof of what she told me.

Second of all, SLEEP:  She taught me to value it and consider it an important part of my health.  Listening to Grace has helped me achieve much better, regenerative and quality sleep.  Sleeping cooler keeps me from waking in the night, and eliminating any light source in my room with blackout shades and covering my alarm clock and electronics has helped me fall asleep and stay asleep.  (My Fitbit sleep data doesn’t lie!)  I’m so much more alert during the day.  I used to be afraid I would fall asleep at the wheel, coming and going to work.  Tiredness is a thing of the past now, I’m energized and happy the entire day.

Finally, EXERCISE:  I was an avid walker before taking Grace’s classes, but her explanation of the power of daily activity has inspired me to push myself further, and not give in to the weather or my busy schedule.  I am so committed to getting out and walking and that has helped me with sleep also, not to mention energy.  Her tips on activity are phenomenal and I have taken them to heart.  I went to an event with my family and I found out my fifty year old self has more stamina than my 19 and 24 year old children!

Grace is so passionate about these topics and she is such a role-model.  She truly believes in what she’s teaching and she lives it.  Not only that, she wants to share this knowledge and help others achieve better health.  I am proof positive that if you apply her teachings and live it too, you will be happier, healthier and stronger. — Laura Mohr

Thank you Grace! Your training course was very beneficial. I have begun to utilize some of the information you have shared and have already noticed positive outcomes. —Mollie Weeks

It’s so nice to know you’re human. You actually affirmed what I have been doing for the last year – living. I told my husband I would not diet, just set allowances for myself. If I’m not happy with my looks, then it is my own fault and I have two choices: to either change my boundaries or live with what I am doing. I think many people, like me, who have been heavy their entire lives, believe that thin people don’t work at it. That’s where my resentment stemmed from. Yes, I have to work, and I will never be considered thin, but I am definitely on a better path. Thank you. —Jill T.

Thank you for the “Optimal Health” class this week. While I’ve heard of some of the items you mentioned, I really never understood the “why.” So much more impactful! I am NOT eating any more soy products, unless fermented… Thank you for your dedication to the topic and can’t wait for future classes. —Mary Ferraro

Thank you so much for this Optimal Health Series. It was the best informational session I have ever attended and I really appreciate it. —Merilys Henaghan

Optimal Health with Grace Part 1

$150 for courses 101-104

Optimal Health 101: The Foundations of Optimal Health 

This class will teach you the four equally important areas of optimal health and how they are all intricately intertwined. 30 mins

Optimal Health 102: Food

Learn everything the food industry does not want you to know. Like how to navigate through murky marketing tricks and scientific research as well as the proper way to read food labels. 1 hour, 30 mins

Optimal Health 103: Stress Management 

Learn exactly how, why and which bodily mechanisms can be severely damaged from chronic stress. Learn techniques to deal with stress at work and home. 40 mins

Optimal Health 104: Sleep & Exercise 

Sleep is not a luxury. Learn how devastating sleep deprivation is to the body and everyone’s safety as well as tips to fall asleep and stay asleep. Learn the lesser known benefits of exercise and tips on how to get the best workout in less time and for free. 40 mins

A common question from Optimal Health with Grace Part 1 participants is “Can you give me more information?” And I always think, Wow, you listened to me talk about health for four hours and you want more?! And so I developed Optimal Health with Grace Part 2

Optimal Health with Grace Part 2

$150 for courses 201 & 202

Optimal Health 201: Human Microbiomes, Gut & Skin Health

We have been taught that a sterile environment is ideal, but we now have 20 years of scientific research that contradicts this theory. A healthy human host is teeming with bacteria, yeasts and viruses both in and on our bodies. We have a symbiotic relationship with these microscopic colonies and the common goal is health and survival for both.

Learn about the gut microbiome and all the ways it interacts directly with your cells to promote health and happiness. Learn how to feed your gut bacteria while feeding yourself. Become informed of ingredients found in every day personal hygiene products and household cleaners that could be wreaking havoc on your skin microbiome as well as within the body. You will also learn how to choose the best personal hygiene and cleaning products. 1.5 hours

Optimal Health 202: Advance Optimal Health & Food

Advanced Optimal Health will cover lesser known health habits such as acupuncture, grounding, oil pulling, intermittent fasting, herbal infusions, essential oils and more!

As an expansion to Optimal Health 102: Food, this course will delve into industrial farming & agriculture and their effects on human health. Learn what buzz words like GMO, organic, natural and free range really mean and how to find the most delicious, nutrient-dense foods cost effectively. 1.5 hours

Included with purchase of Optimal Health with Grace Part 1 or 2:

  • Lifetime access to online classes including updates
  • My personal list of resources
  • Printable handbooks & note taking sheets for each course

Concerned that Optimal Health with Grace may not be right for you?

The good news is that I haven’t had a dissatisfied class participant yet. And I am so confident that you will also find these courses valuable and interesting that I am willing to provide a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you find Optimal Health with Grace to be a waste of money, let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will gladly process your refund.

Start improving your health and feeling better today, risk free!

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